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A licensed Real Estate

Consultant in VA and MD and Top Producer

Alludando en prepararlo y darle educacion y guianza.
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I can help you  in your current situation, regardless of your financial situation. I’m a Licensed Realtor with over 20 years of experience in working with families and individuals in the Financial and Real Estate Field. I have achieved my accreditations  while working directly with recognized banks such as  Wells Fargo Bank, Wachovia Bank, First Union Bank and PNC Bank.

I have a great passion for helping families and individuals regardless of their financial situation and able to do it well. I continue to invest time in learning on how to be able to provide you with the up to date information.

Among my training’s achieved are:

  • Short Sale & Foreclosure and CDPE Certified Distressed  Obtained knowledge and experience on how to help sellers and maneuver the complexities of short sales as well as help buyers pursue short sale and foreclosures opportunities, critical skills that are needed in our market.
  • BPOR Broker Price Opinion   House Valuation Process, provides me with the knowledge and skills to reduce your risk and increase your opportunities by creating professional and accurate Broker Price Opinion and home prices.
  • ABR Accredited Buyers Representative: I ObtainedValuable real estate education that elevates my skills and knowledge in the eyes of home buyers. Ongoing information and updates that helps me stay on top of issues and trends in successfully representing home buyers.
  • SFR Short Property Expert.  Provide the expertise to homeowner that are under the most stressful life event when they are about to lose their home. Enabled me with the additional knowledge on how to better prepare the client presentation to banks


  • Since 1994 I worked for First Union later became Wachovia and now Wells Fargo. I worked there until June 2012. My positions included: Customer Service, Assistant Manager and Manager through a period of 17 years.
  • There I learned how to balance and managed budgets, taught customer how to live on earned salaries, how to negotiate and succeed financially.
  • The same tools that now I use daily to enable me to win negotiations whether is a contract, a modification, a home inspection and or money on your behalf towards the purchase of your home.
  • I acquired my license in 2003 and worked under Re/Max Absolute from May 2003 to September 2007 there I obtained my knowledge and entire training. I have moved now to Classic Realty in Woodbridge VA .

Every family situation is unique and I will be there 100% of the time to help you make the best decision possible.
Professional, Knowledge, Experience, Ethics and Most important Honesty. Opening door to home ownership one family at a time.