Noemy definitely went above and beyond her job. 5 stars really isn’t enough to give it to her. As first time home buyers, we really couldn’t be happier that we found Noemy. Following are the things that I think Noemy has been consistently exceeded:
1. Expertise-we all know that the quickest way to know a person’s level of knowledge is by asking tons of questions (I didn’t do it on purpose. It’s just what first home buyers do and me being myself). I was very impressed every time when I got the response from Noemy. Her expertise and timely response makes her really reliable.
2. Timely communication – Noemy has so many clients at hands but I was amazed by how she was still able to respond to my emails and phone calls in a very timely manner. It’s not just about the deliver on time; it’s the accuracy of her response and the knowledge she has that really makes the whole home buying process smooth.
3. Care – this is where I really think Noemy went above and beyond.
She advised us how to properly prepare our credits and savings for this important purchase. The program that Noemy found for us was beyond our expectations and saved us bunch of money. Very interestingly, she helped us to find out a right lender who gave the nice deal. We relied heavily upon her advice and opinion, we really trusted her especially as she became familiar with our persona, likes, dislikes and needs. She cleary understood our budget and boundaries, helped to find a nice townhouse in a nice location. If we are rich enough to purchase a second house, Noemy will definitely be our first choice! Thank you Noemy!

Iuliia Ramirez,