The Things to know before you step into Home Ownership

Home Ownership is the American Dream for many families and individuals there are many things you need to know before signing a contract to purchase.

1. Know the expenses

Owning a home is not just a tax deduction and the American dream. It means knowing the other expenses associated with the maintenance such as Home Owners association, taxes that vary every year, insurance, utilities, updates or upgrades and repairs. The guide that you select to help you achieve your dream has to be able to point those out to you. Many instances you will have a brand new home and even there you will want to customize the paint to make it your own style. Consider your budget, labor and knowledge of the work required.

2. Your employment and Income

A big factor is having a stable job where you know you will be able to pay that mortgage every month and that it is within your planned budged. Before you start searching make a number based on your income that you bring home not what the bank tells you that you may afford.

3. Last and very important your Mortgage

There are many different options available for buyers now a day, in our area we have the 100% financing available, we have the $7,000 Gift to 1st time home buyers, the $5,000 Gift program as well. Shop for the best program and the best rate which is what you will carry for the next 30 years. Being that interest rates still continue to be very attractive get the program that fits best for your current financial situation, ask as many questions as possible. Doing your homework makes you money and saves you money.

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